Self contained unit with living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilets,
laundry and yard area 2 bedroom units for up to 16 workers for privacy.
Each worker will be provided with individual locker and/or cupboard.
Each unit will have toilets, shower cubicles and cooking stoves.
Wall mounted fans in the bedroom and ceiling fan in the living room.
Points for Telephone, Cable TV and Internet Broadband.
Optional air-conditioning.

AP FloorPlan imageA


The ASPRI Training Centre is a 3,000m2 training facility that offers a
range of couses from Soft Skill courses to Technical/Trade courses, catering
to the Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) industry workers who
reside in the facility. It consists of 8 well-equipped training classrooms,
2 computer rooms, 10 practical training skids, a lecture hall that hosts up to
200 participants, a trainees refreshment area as well as
a training adminstration office.